"More Transportation and Logistics Professionals use Air-Trak than any other system on the market today!"

  Air-Trak® was designed by individuals who have spent many years in the freight industry- in both operations and accounting areas.  They understand your business and help you solve your business problems.  Unlike other companies, Air-Trak® has a dedicated focus only on your industry.

Experts agree that in order to have a successful experience with a software product, not only is it imperative to purchase a quality product, it is equally (if not more) important to have a good working relationship with the people at the software company.  The professionals at Air-Trak® pride themselves on carefully listening to their customers and developing quality relationships with them that will last for many years to come.

was originally developed to handle the domestic Air-Freight industry, and over the years has been enhanced to handle multiple modes (air, ground, ocean) of transportation – both domestic and international.

Air-Trak® will run on the computer platform of your choice:

  • IBM i/Series 400 (formerly AS/400)
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft .NET framework

No other company offers this wide variety of platform choices which will allow you to grow your business as large as you desire without having to change software.

Air-Trak® has had tremendous success with small, medium, and large transportation companies….in fact it is installed at some of the largest transportation companies in the country ( for a partial list of customers).  This success has brought with it a tremendous depth of functions and features and has given us a catalogue of experience second to none!

Whether you have one office or 60, we are confident that you will find the functionality, flexibility, and stability of
Air-Trak® to be a great fit for your company!

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